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Oren and Friends (comic)

DATE : 2017-10-16 23:51:59
Oren and Friends (comic)
There were three main characters in Kameo High School, enrolls Oren and his allies, Sally and Cappy. The three stars in their daily life, one an obnoxious basketball poser, another a tomboy, and lastly the good looking foreigner.

Author's note:
I made the characters and story when I was small, so in 2017, I did it digitally, to bring them back to life. This is gonna be like a four panel comic so I hope you guys enjoy ^^ Annivras is my name for the creator of the comic :3


Writer : Annivras

Hello, I'm Annivras. I might post random stuffs like my comics of some other stuffs. But the reason why I want to have a blog is because I could post my comics and art ^^