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Sugar Rant For Shits And Giggles

DATE : 2017-10-28 19:33:51
Sugar Rant For Shits And Giggles
After 2 full weeks of indulging in
gram crackers... Damn, I didn't have any pasta though.

Fried chicken (with the breading)
Ice cream
Burgers with the bun
Coffee with the creamer
Apple bottom jeans, boots with the fur... SIKE!
Apple pie

SHIT! (typing of this triggered my turrets haha..)

I did this after a year and 8 months of eating completely clean of any carbs /sugar except fruit to see how I would feel during the holidays when I throw down on pies, rolls, peach cobbler, banana pudding and other shit (there goes my turrets being triggered again).

So now I'm going to kill the carbs again until the holiday's, resting assured that I will be able to enjoy those things without any significant weight gain as well as the ability to digest it properly.

Through it all, my motivation to go to the gym didn't change one bit... I'm so programmed to pick up a dumbell you'd think my hand was stupid... *Metaphorically speaking* #ThugLife I mean #gymlife

And this shit (turrets) right here homie (Katt Williams voice)
This is what helps me to create the willpower to shift my liver from producing glucose to ketones which sets my body into full blown fat burning mode. NO DIET PILL NEEDED YA BISH!

Anyway TGIF - Be safe out there and take an Uber if you on the turn up.

Eat Clean - Smoke Green - Live Lean but don't drink it because that's how ninjas die young and you need to live long for your kids and shit.. (turrets)


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