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Short tempered?

DATE : 2017-11-02 06:01:16
Short tempered?
Short tempered?
Well, im too.
Short temper is basically when you get angry even on little things. Sometimes on those things which are not supposed to get angry on. Funny, isn't it? I know it cause im too.
I am not saying that no...not to get angry, be calm, be chilled, naahhh...its ok if sometimes you loose your temper. But remember one thing it takes you nowhere, you seriously get nothing. Sometimes you even loose what you have!! Most of the people end up hurting theirselves some physically some mentally. Some end up hurting their loved ones. Because when you can't abuse or beat the crap out of the person you are angry on. You choose your soft target. Dont know the meaning of it....!!well Soft target in the sense people who can't hurt you back. For e.g. your younger sister, brother your best friend, girlfriend, boyfriend etc.
You just start fighting with them abusing them since they wont do the same with you...because well said by someone 'YOU TAKE YOUR LOVED ONES FOR GRANTED' sad but true.
You know the funny thing!! The person who made you angry would probably be having fun with thier family & friend. While YOU...Yeah you my dear are wasting so much of quality time in which you could have had fun with your sqade. You could have made some memories with your love. But instead of that you end up cutting yourself, being depressed, being ashamed that why the hell you fought with your mom, friends ,gf bf whoever.
My DEAR short temper leads to NOTHING
Once I was too but after knowing the fact I am not!! I know its not easy, I am not even saying its easy. But atleast...its not impossible right?
If i can u can too.
My sir always use to say that whenever you feel like you're getting angry don't ignore it divert it the other way cause if you try to ignore it, it will blast like a volcano. Can't agree more on it.
After someone teases you and before you are planning to fight with your loved ones. Sit somewhere alone, take a deep breath, after feww seconds leave it. Do it 3 4 times.
And remember all the sweet memories that you had with your mum... with your gf bf......with your asuring you that it will definetely help you out with controlling your anger......

Wasted feelings

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