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Forgive & Forget

DATE : 2017-11-03 23:20:07
Forgive & Forget
Sometimes its easy because you love that person. Sometimes because you cant stay angry for a long time.
But for some people its way more hard than we think. Its because of their ego, self respect, image, etc.
I am not saying that kill your ego, forgive every next person who hurts you. NO .
But atleast forgive those people you really love..or those ppl who love you...... who have made you smile for a million times. Dont let their one mistake change your perspection forever. one is perfect in this world. Not you not me no one.
Life is too short to be angry on someone for a long time.( specially if they are your someone special)and sometimes it may be possible that if you forgive someone even if they had hurt you bad they will feel ashamed for hurting you....sounds weird i know.....but i personally feel so.
But if you always forgive someone and they still hurt you back over and over again...then my dear they have taken you for granted....its time to kick there fake asses out of your life....yeah you heard it RIGHT. It might seem hard at first but believe me...once you start living without them....then you will realize life was not that much hard without them how much hard your thoughts have made them seem. Infact life is more beautiful without them. You cant feel that until you move on.
Delete every memory you have had with them...dont let those memory be an obstacle in your way. And if after few days they come to you crying that pls forgive me last time...just give me one more chance.
Give them a huge smile and forgive them. But never do the same mistake again by giving them another chance to break your trust, to take you for granted. I repeat .NEVER.

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