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The Shâdow òf Divíne lôve

DATE : 2017-11-13 16:38:44
The Shâdow òf Divíne lôve
This Universe and the entire creation is divinity and this wonderful life of us and this world is a gift of divine. The most precious gift among all are children. They are the shadow of this divine love who actually knows how to make the best use of life by living it enthusiastically and happily. They represent the statue of peace , love and innocence who never knew any religion , cast , nationality and discrimination until that child grew up to rule and conquer the world on self-made terms and conditions. Yes...those stolen days of childhood which are now days of pain and sadness indicating a journey from heaven to hell. Children are like the purest crystal which is shinning bright and unbreakable.
But , now we are grown ups and now we know and believe the superstitious and mythological things. Now , that child who once gave all the chocolates he/she had to the loved ones is not ready to give time to the loved ones the grown up has no time to laugh and enjoy the magical moments of life but learns to live in dim light of unpleasurable moments the grown up has no time to have a word with mother , who gave this life the grown up is an adult and can make wrong decisions. Now , the difference of rich and poor , black or white , Hindu or muslim has started to bother the kid who is now a grown up.
Everything in this creation is nothing but love of divinity and its own shadow but we tend to see this world through an eyes of grown up who is guilty of not enjoying the life at age of 60. And all what he remembers is sweetened memories of childhood. People think they teach children how to live life but the truth is unrevealed yet. Children teach us how to live a life free of greed , dishonesty and a journey from hell yo heaven.
Love is the greatest power which is acting to bind everything in its existence. A child knows nothing but that love which heals all the pains. Take out some golden moments from life and ask to yourself a question ... ARE YOU REALLY LIVING LIFE YOUR LIFE ? If not then make it a celebration and live to love instead of loving to live. Look at the beauty of your existence and this nature's infinite love for you.
I hope this bought a little portion of happiness to you and if you smiled share this message of love.


Author : BHUMIKA



Life is about being happy, content and seek the truth. Turn your discipline into " blissipline" and celebrate life. We do not have time to discuss sorrow and misery. Live life to the fullest <3