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mental health/ depression

DATE : 2017-11-16 01:27:03
Depression is not about crying all the time or being sad. Depression is being numb. You can feel the pain but it doesn’t pain anymore  because you’re so used to the pain. Its like you know you’re destroying yourself but you still do it because you’re tired and you don’t feel like doing anything. Being in depression is a battle and you start losing it every time that you end up giving your life.

Most of the people think that being in depression is just a sad phase you go through once in your life. Depression does not have a face, the most happiest people can be depressed. Just because someone has a great house, great clothes, get straight As, good in sports, doesn’t mean they can’t be depressed or have anxiety etc. Mental disorder does not care about your circumstances or your situation.

People who think that people commit suicide because they are selfish or coward are wrong and need to get their minds out of the gutter. No person on this earth wants to end their life but eventually they do and still people think mental health is not a topic to worry about. ‘you will get over it’, ‘don’t be sad’ rather than discussing what is the problem they end up giving answers like this so the person will obviously think that the other person is not understanding and probably think they are wasting their time. So I think mental health should be as serious as the topic Cancer Because the amount of people die due to cancer is almost the same amount of people die due to suicide.


Writer : Anonymous