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DATE : 2017-11-16 16:55:56
Overthinking and worry crawling back at me even though things happened in the past. Past memories of me being foolishly happy beside him smiling like an idiot even got the impression for everyone around us as always laughing girl. But after all those smiles i stopped feeling like myself right after what happened. Maybe i was changing back then. Telling myself that everything happens for a reason and locking myself from those people who are around me. Even though i was the one who listen to their stories and worries.... i never really talked about myself for anybody except him. And he used to listen to me very carefully and give his true opinion even if it hurts. The only one friend who listens to me without judging, who understands me without explanation.. yet cannot give his heart to me.

My blue world

Writer : Ruka

Hi. I am here to share my everyday experience and emotions. Probably there will be you who can relate my stories.