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DATE : 2017-11-19 03:14:48
At that time, i thought all i needed was just one hug. Yet everytime you try to hug me i would run away. Because, if i hug you i might never want to let go of you.
Yes, I'm a negative person. I knew that even if we start dating, it will be over someday.
Because, i was not his type of girl from the start. Being beside you for these years, I pretty much understood your type of girl in many situations. They were just so precious like a Gem and i was like a tomboyish mindset type stone or something. I was sad. Sometimes angry at myself for not being small and cute like those gems. But then i would think "Be confident with yourself, love yourself more" and thoughts like these would vanish in no time.

My blue world

Writer : Ruka

Hi. I am here to share my everyday experience and emotions. Probably there will be you who can relate my stories.