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DATE : 2018-02-17 14:54:09
Wise quote
Ladies, how long is long enough before you give up the cookie?

The cookie, as we know, is that thing that women have held on to as their power for years.


So how long do you usually wait before you have sex in a new relationship? I believe strongly in the ninety-day rule.

This means that you take those three months to find out just what kind of man you are with, and what he is willing to give up to be in the relationship. Your time is precious, and so is your trust and commitment. Any man who is not willing to wait for those three months is not worth all you have to offer.

Instead of sex, take the time to go on dates, explore each other’s hobbies, talk about the future, and even meet each other’s friends and family. Nothing speaks of a man who is truly serious about you than his willingness to meet your bossy sister and overbearing brother.

And if he has stuck it out for ninety days, you have to make sure he’s not just there waiting for the sex. Instead, let it be a time for you two to grow.

By the time those days roll around; you’ll have a deeper and more meaningful relationship that is not built on sexual interest.

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