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New hero

DATE : 2018-03-19 00:35:45
New hero
Hello admin... i
Wanna share some idea for new hero in ml ...btw sorry if my english bad..
Name-Souji (revenge of the ronin) role warrior and assasin
Story-souji is the best commander for his clan .. to improve his sword skills, his clan leader has been order him to go practicing far in the tenggu mountains so he can focus on his training .. with pleasure, he leave and practice for 3 months. A week before the completion of his training day .. souji has received a message informing him that his entire clan, including his leader, was murdered by the evil scourge with the evil sorccerer. Without delay he returned to his clan and quickly escaped revenge for his clan and leader. just overnight .. souji has killed all the clan who killed his clan, including the magician who was with the evil ruler ... but before the sorcere died, the sorcerer curse souji by moving souji to the other dimension where all legendary heroes fought .. but souji was not panic .. because he was confident that he was ready to face everthing..
SKILL intro
Souji able to dash to his target within 5sec and grant him crt and lifesteal for 1hit..
Radius this skill just his normal radius..
SKILL active
1 Skill- Slashing Dice- Aoe deal damage and slow enemy down.cooldown just like other hero skill 1cooldown
2 Skill-Shadow dash- when souji dash and hit enemy,its grant him one more time to dash ..Once souji use this skill.. he left mirror image for a sec and deal some little damage.
3 skill Ultimate-the punishment, this skill damage dealt by %hp of the enemy and if souji success kill the enemy use this skill.. its grant him 0 cooldown..but if not,the cooldown is 1(30sec) 2(25) 3(20sec)... 1 deal 28% hp 2 deal 30%hp, 3 deal 38%hp of the enemy..
Abou the design .. surely you can make survey and asking other player.. im just really hope you're decided to make this new hero i recomenz.. what i really like this hero is his skill ..He can be anti tank or mage,and surely can be the punishment to other hero.. i hope you're coinsider
this idea..
Acc name if you want to give me some gift hehe..

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