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The secret

DATE : 2018-03-26 16:11:33
When i say "the secret", i am not talking about the secret which you dont know. Everybody knows about the secret, but the irony is that inspite of knowing it, they are not well awate of it.peaple know hard work brings success, hard work is one of the secret but its not entirely everything. The way of perceiving the hardwork is quite a determination factor. Law of attraction is a determining factor here. Everything in their journey has in himself that attraction but gradually most of them tend to lose it.

Peaceful warrior

Writer : Warrior

As they say building ur muscles is not that tough as maintaining ur muscles. Same goes to peacefulness, sometimes we are quite peaceful for no reason but it becomes a tough job to maintain the peace. Some days ago i watched the movie peaceful warrior. Its the finest movie i have watched till now. It was film that shook me from the bottom of my heart. Most of the things in that was quite known to me, but i have not realised going deep into my conciousness. It taught me to live in the present moment, the moment which doesnt care about future. It taught me to work hard, work harder and work hardest,but in the process of working hard, we must not look into consideration the final destination.we muat be able to enjoy the entire journey that could eventually lead us to the destination.