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Bussiness morality

DATE : 2018-04-02 11:52:38
Bussiness morality
Goodwill is a great asset in means a reputation for fair-dealing.The goodwill of a house of bussiness is built up over a number of years. When thus built up, it comes to have a price of its own.Good reputation is the best advertisiement for a house of business. Some people donot associate moral considerations with business.They are mistaken.
What is business morality?People should be given real value for their money.Fake goods and shoddy goods should not be palmed off as real stuff.This is soon found out.And the supplier of such goods comes to have a bad reputation ,and his bussiness suffers in consequence.Dishonest businessmen have often been known to show to their prospective buyers good specimens, which are naturally approved and passed. Large orders are placed for the approved specimens.when these orders are supplied and paid for, it is often discovered that the good supplied are far inferior to the specimens shown.If an indian bussinessman practises this trick in supplying foreign orders he is not only harming his own bussiness prospects , he is doing something fatal to indian exports.
Let it not be forgotten that bussiness activities can be moral or immoral activities. Not only deliberate dishonesty but careless or clumsy work, inattention to small detail , and similar other faults , intentional or unintentional , are against the laws of bussiness morality.
We can now see that morality on a world-wide and international or Global scale is not a simple affair .It is bound up with the total progress of man, with the unfolding vistas of history and with the unending series of changes and revolutions. The human beings till the present stage of historical evolution are not yet whole men . They are yet only half -human.
It should by now be clear that on business morality depends the welfare of the whole nation and of the coming generations.Dishonest business by many key agencies can ruin the economics life of the whole nation and cause untold misery . Business immorality is thus a million times more serious than a mere matter of personal addiction like gambling or drinking.Non-businessmen cannot harm society so much by their lapses or crimes as a few selfish and dishonest businessmen can do. Business ethics are of very great importance to a welfare state.



Writer : Aman choudhary

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