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Love? Or crush?

DATE : 2018-06-27 20:21:13
Well, this is no rare topic to write on and this adds another to the list!
I have often wondered that how one can differentiate between "crush" and "love" thing. Apparently, both seem quite similar to each other. Even sometimes it becomes so confusing that it can easily misguide a person to believe what it is actually not.
So here I am with some of my silly thoughts to share.
According to me, crush is that emotion which is related to these mere words -"for now" and "noticing".
Crush is simply that which makes you notice some attributes in another person and you feel attracted. This attraction that you feel is certainly not accompanied by thoughts about your future. It simply restricts itself to the "this moment" stuff.
Whereas, love is that feeling which is more about "forever" and "acceptance". You know your beloved's flaws as well as virtues and you feel no hesitation to accept both the things together. Ofcourse, any beautiful rose comes with its own thorns. Along with this, you also start seeing your future with that person in it. If this seems that natural and obvious to you then its already time for you to admit that its love.
If crush is an emotion that you feel then love is the devotion you offer.
Sometimes , love can start with crush but not to forget, love is what that grows and crush is that which tends to fade away!


Writer : Piya

Sometimes, random thoughts strike my head and I dont find a place to pen them here I am!