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Hard to let u go.....

DATE : 2018-12-08 22:49:47
Its hard to forget and its hard to forgive
But its even more harder to remove that person from your life who you love so much and that one person has never treated u like the way you  deserved to be treated.....
When u love a person or give importance to a person more than  you give to anyone else (excluding family!!)

That one person yes that person starts thinking that you are always there for him/her and you'll  do whatever they want you to do and that you dnt have any indivisual identity
They tend to think that they are your only stregnth and happiness(sometimes thats true)
The person starts taking u for granted
And finally when that person gets out from your life and makes you cry so much nd when finally u start forgetting him/her and be happy again.....the person says srry for all he/she has  done and the biggest mistake u do is let him/her play with your feelings again let him /her make u cry again....
The persons behaviour remains the same he continues to take u fr granted
After knowing all this and knowing what kind of a person he/she is u still cant unlove him/her u still cnt throw him/her out of your life
U know that he/she is nt right fr u nd u deserve way much better than him/her but somewhere deep inside ur heart there is a soft corner for him/her.........
That's what comes in between
U cry everyday fr that one person nd knowing the truth u still believe that the person is nice and things will get better soon but deep inside u know thats nt the truth.......
Still there is some hope
Hope fr good!!!
Even your frnds have told u a hundred times that he isn't the right guy/girl u still love him/hee so much nd trust his/her words so blindly
(The person isn't wrong the one wrong and stupid is u who still have some hope left that he/she will come back nd fr the matter of the fact the person is using u nd ur emotions nd he/she doesn't even care what u r going through)
Thats what's difficult.............

A few moments

Writer : Anonymus18