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My partner and i are trapped in smoking HELL!

DATE : 2016-09-16 06:59:02
My partner and i are trapped in smoking HELL!
My partner and i are trapped in smoking HELL! Surely we are not alone in this life of nicotine addiction misery! What started out as a cool and trendy teenage fad of $49 a week has now esculated into a $500 plus a week out of control socially unnaceprable habbit. Thanks to ideologically based political arguments and a government that has completely lost touch with reality and seemingly completely lost its marbles prices in Australia for ciggaretes have esculated out if control. We are (depending where you shop at ) paying a dollar a ciggarette. It would be cheaper to smoke marijuana, how ever both of us dont accept that as an option as we are both non drug users. Lets debunk the ideological arguments here: The argumets are- Argument 1 debunked: smokers are a burden on the health care system... ok, yes, so in 2013, smokers imposed $318.4 million in net costs on Australia’s healthcare system. Depending on rainfall, smokers also cost the taxpayer about $150 million a year in bushfire control. Howevet the regressive tax they paid on cigarrettes amounted to a whopping 8 billion dollars in revenue, since that time we have endured an unbelievable gob smacking 13% price hike per year. The revenue coffers must ve completely bursting at the seams!

The sobering truth of life

Writer : Anonymous

Im a mum, im struggling, and this world just seems to be getting harder and harder to survive.