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Fuck off

DATE : 2016-09-22 01:57:59
It would be really fucking swell of people would stop acting like they're better and smarter just because they know soething someone else doesn't know. I'm sick of my 'friends' making me feel like the biggest dipshit just because I haven't studied up on some worthless piece of info like they seem to have done. I am just having one of those days right now where everything ducking sucks shit and I can't do anything about it or say anything about it cause IM FUCKING WHITE!!! I'm not allowed to complain and I'm FUCKING EXHAUSTED. I have absolutely NOTHING OVER ANYONE because of my skin color! SHUT THE FUCK UP ABOUT OPRESSION! Everyone is judged, especially WHITE people! Do you know how many times a day my friends make me feel like a monster without even realizing it?! EVERY FUCKING DAY! I am WHITE and even white people make me feel shitty for something I COULDNT EVEN CONTROL. I am done. I can feel a fucking heart attack coming on because I am stuck in a corner, and I am SCREWED! If you are Black or Hispanic or any other race exceor white, you can complain as much as you fucking like about your problems. If you're white, youd better shut up or you'll be nailed to the fucking cross.

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