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Choose your path wisely

DATE : 2017-01-04 15:03:54
Choose your path wisely
Life is just like a blank paper, and it's up to us to paint it in the way that we want.

But most of the time we tend to forget that we are the painter of our own life, we forget that we had choices.

And everytime when we choose a path, we made a wrong choice... We tend to struggle, should I continue? Or should I make things right?

We started to ask questions to the others, but we will soon realise that the answer that we are seeking had always be in our heart...

Even if you made a wrong choice, even if youre upset with the path that you have chosen, THIS WILL STILL BE YOUR LIFE!

So if youre unhappy about your life right now, why don't try to make a difference? As at the end of the day, we will all age, we will all one day look back to our younger days, so why don't make it a happy one, let's paint our life with colours that we want, let's start living our life.


Writer : Spectactor

Live this life fully... :-)