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Giving Up

DATE : 2017-01-20 12:57:20
Giving Up
There's usually two types of giving up in our journey of life. One is that the destination is what you've always wanted to achieve, but on the road you found that it's too hard so instead fight for it you've choose to change your destination. The second one instead of changing your destination, you changed your path to it.

Sometimes we tend to wander into a random path blindly as a result of not having any destination... And when we finally realise that, we will end up in a common trauma: wether to move on, or to choose a new path.

To move on, you will definitely suffer more but at the end you will gain unexpected experiences that might one day help you in your journey; to give up, you might be able to find a path that you should've walked which will leads you to where you should be, and the journey will be less suffering as you're heading home, to a place that makes you comfortable, a place where you can be at your best.

Either way your soul would still shine brightly, one as you have the determination, you sacrificed to achieve something that you might not desired but maybe for its something for your family or even the people around you. On the other way round you lived your life fully as you are enjoying as you proceed in your life.

So if you're still traumatising, think about it.

Are you a person who has the soul that are willing to live you're life for the others;

Or you have a soul that walks it's own path, that wants to live your life in your own way?

Sometimes giving up doesn't mean you ran away, sometimes it just meant that you've found your right path, that you've start living.


Writer : Spectactor

Live this life fully... :-)