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This girl...

DATE : 2017-03-11 05:02:10
She's so different I can't figure it out, my life has been for others the ones I care about yet I've never seen anyone else like me but that's where I blocked my mind cause she was more than me, she did so much to keep others happy endured so much damage, sacrificed so much yet her life amazes me. Her childhood was not ordinary but I'm not going to go into detail about it, her belief in life is just so meaning full she does a lot and gets a lot of hate for it, having been used people call her bad names yet she's always in a good mood, but anytime she isn't I try to cheer her up it works sometimes but she has a fake smile on her face a lot and I'm able to see through it. She wants me to be happy but I can't be when she not. She's a very open person and isn't ashamed of much she's like a girl with a boys attitude. She amazes me...I like her a lot I feel that she's gotten a lot of shit for her life and her sacrifice of always trying to keep people happy while damaging herself had gone on long enough if only she felt the same way. She wouldn't have to do much to make me happy I just wanted her pain to stop. Sometimes I care too much and it takes long before I give up but with each passing day she lingers on my mind and what am I to do about it....She wound even give me a chance but I respect her and everyone a lot that includes there choices weather it be stupid, smart or outrageous. I just want her to stop hurting herself cause it's hurting me too whatever she's sad I feel like she's going to melt away and I'm not far after I hate seeing her like that, my heart is strong but I don't know how long I can stand to see her like this

my life

Writer : Anonymous

Well there was that time I was born but I'll skip all that stuff in between then and now so let's get started