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Day 1

DATE : 2017-04-13 02:07:24
Day 1

I have depression.

I don't know how it came and I don't know when it will go away.
This is the second time that I have it. The first time there was a reason for this. It was because I didn't feel loved. Im a middle child in a family with four kids so it's always hard to get attention.
I didn't feel good enough to be the son of my parents. My siblings always come home with incredibly good grades while I lie about mine to not make them too dissapointed in me.
I felt horrible.

And now I do it again.

What's the point of living? I asked that so many times to myself. Does it matter that I die? For me it doesn't.
Nobody knows it. Nobody knows that I have these dark thoughts in my head.
And for some reason, I want to keep it this way. I can't help it but I feel like that I shouldn't show my 'weaknesses' to other people.
Im an introvert.

Im Dorion, 15 years old and depressed


Writer : Dorion