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DATE : 2017-05-02 06:11:19
She was smart. Not book smart ... wouldn't say street smart either . But she was smart . She was the type of woman who would challenge anyone. She had this fierce, raging bonfire burning within her soul . Her passion spilt over the brims of life . She had total disregard for rules , she simply lived by her own . She was not always this way , she had a tough life .

But who hasn't had a tough life ? Who has never experienced pain . Pain that cuts so deep that it pierces through your vital organs , leaving you gasping for air ... pain so servere that it snaps all the bones in the human body simultaneously...We have all had those moments where we fall from grace hoping to be caught by prince charming, who will obviously be riding in on a white horse in slow mode . Somehow we are sold this image of what a perfect life should be like , we strive toward it and we drown in the process. That is exactly why she did what she did .... she wanted to fix this superficial , unnatural, corrupt ,sinful world .


Writer : Anonymous