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Its okay.

DATE : 2017-05-17 16:39:14
Apparently writing helps with your problems so im trying it out. The reason i choose to write about my town is because living in it has made allot of my problems. 1st one i think of right away is my ex. Im going to change the names on here for personal reasons. We'll say his name was jesus. Jesus and i got together when i was very young i was his first girlfriend. I took his virginity. Agreed to marry him. Was with him for 3 years. Then fell in love with someone else. Stomped on his heart and made him a completly different person. In those 3 years I was a horrible girlfriend I pretty much used him for my own good. But now that I've been with someone else for 3 years and have grown older and wiser i know that how i was to him is one of my biggest problems. Its a problem because i wish i could apologize i wish i could make up for it all he was a wonderful person but i had allot of my own fucked up issues i seen him as property not a person it was toxic. I have reasons for how i was to him but he doesnt know what they are he never did because i never told him. See thats one thing about me i dont say why, ill make up some other lame ass excuses instead of saying the truth. Id rather people think im stupid than broken. I make up for it though by telling myself that he was never truly in love with me i was just the only girl that showed any interest and it was a bonus for him that im kinda cute so i try to tell myself its okay.

Small town big problems

Writer : Anonymous

Grant, Michigan born and raised. The town that all the cliches you see in movies and read in books dont exist. Yeah of course you have your groups but dont let them fool you. Before i graduated nerds were football players and class presidents smoked as much weed as the "burnouts". Everything here is FUCKED. Bet if hollywood made a movie based off us it'd be a fucking hit! Anyway its always smellin like cow or turkey shit and burnouts. We all generally get along theres a few family rivalries but they're mostly civil, until someones deer blind gets fucked with or someone steals parts off of someone elses jeep then its instantly blaming their rival family. But thats off topic. The towns around us are nothing like us. We're surounded by towns with people who think they're better and that the cliches are true. Ive been places and i've never been to a town as unpredictable as this one.