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How my life started

DATE : 2017-07-22 14:03:41
When I was a little kid I had no father he never wanted to be in my life he always told me he never wanted me and that he never loved me. When I was 12 I asked my mom if I could meet him and I did but everything was amazing I loved having my dad in my life but then later on a couple months went by he got charged for drugs. Then I found out I had a step brother and sister I never really know them until a year after my sister has a heart problem. And when I was 2 years old my brother took his own life to save mine I don't remember much about that day but he saved my life but he died I had lost my best friend. The only person who didn't give up on me who did everything for me died just like that. I never knew him I don't even remember what happened everyone tells me story's how he did everything for me and that he loved me so much but he was only 3 years old and God took him from me.

My story

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My life story