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The party is over....

DATE : 2017-08-14 10:21:17
So this is a follow up from last night and it went a little better than I had expected. The drinks were flowing the BBQ was cooking and everyone was having fun until the tequilla came out and some people could not handle it at this point.
This is the point at the parties where i feel like the cameraman of the feel this way once you get drunk. It feels like you are having a outter body experience and looks like your observing the shell which is your body...

Everybody was having fun taking shots whilst I was outside watching through the window...the 3 guys whom I was supposedly sharing a taxi with wanted to take the night into the town but I wanted to go home cause I only had enough money for the taxi ride. So since I was the only one I thought I wouldn't be a burden and sneaked out the back door and followed the GPS to home. It would take 4 hours by foot but that seemed fine....until I got all the drunken phonecalls telling demanding where I was...I had no clue where I was just following the GPS but the girl I likes mum told me I could stay on the sofa if I came back home so I turned back round feeling guilty knowing how a mother would feel about a child scared or lost on the street.

Somat this point im now alone on the sofa its 2am roughly and I know her and her brother would come back soon so I stayed awake until 5 am when they came back. She came in with some pizza and we talked for a couple of hours and she got really comfortable next to me. I gave her the blanket and the pillow and she slept next to me whilst holding my hand.
To me this was perfection. The girl of my dreams was holding my hand while she slept the whole night next to me. Nothing else happened but for those few moments I was the happiest guy alive. Even if I had no blanket or pillow, as long as she was ok and comfy is what made me happy.
The best thing is she never regrets anything that we do. She is what keeps me alive till this very day. I Don't think she understands the way I feel about her but I wish I could show her.

Im going to end it there. If anybody is following I hope it was worth a couple of minutes of your life to understand the happiness 1 person can make me.

Until next time....ghost

Life so far

Writer : Ghost

Well here I am. The start of it all. I hope I can entertain some of you out there. Maybe you can guess who I am talking about or what is going on but for now I just need to talk