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Another night out another wasted chance

DATE : 2017-08-21 06:07:28
Hey readers

This is part 3. Im.currently sat in a pub £2.09 for a pint of fosters......not bad right!
Just had a meal with my friend who i like, god she is amazing im with a group of people now and she is sat opposite me and she is so beautiful.....she just waved at me

I want to tell her everything guys i want to tell her i love her but she wont accept it argh.

Just have to keep on waiting and thats fine i would wait forever for her but hopefully i will get a hug from her before she leaves

It probably sounds pethetic to you guys and it probably is but i want to take my time and take it slow but im telling you guys now....i think im in love with her

Watch this space the night has not ended yet.....


Life so far

Writer : Ghost

Well here I am. The start of it all. I hope I can entertain some of you out there. Maybe you can guess who I am talking about or what is going on but for now I just need to talk