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DATE : 2017-08-24 19:40:47
So after that meal out we all got a little drunk and my friend called me when she got home. She said you wanted to tell me something earlier?

I said yes and we both basically worked everything out through our minds and we both admitted that we like each other a lot and you should of seen my face guys....ive never smiled so hard in my life!
Now as much as we would both want to say yes and start dating its not as easy to do that because if certain matters which i cant address on here but she agreed she would take a chance with me if we hung out more.
So yesterday we went out to a beautiful place in the countryside to walk her dog and she made this cute little picnic for us, I drove us to our destination and created a playlist for us to listen to in the car.
We walked around these woods and lakes for a few hours despite the poor british weather but it was perfect for me.
We both laughed cause she stood in a big puddle and i almost slipped over it was so funny! However this is where I wanted to hold her by the hand but wasnt sure if it was the right time so maybe next time she would consider it :)

Well I think im going to leave this here for now but I will keep you posted. Im very happy right now because I finally might be getting some luck! Certainly need it but she has always been the light in my dark world and now she might be fianlly able to take me out of it and into a bright new world :)

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Well here I am. The start of it all. I hope I can entertain some of you out there. Maybe you can guess who I am talking about or what is going on but for now I just need to talk