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Chana dal- palak

DATE : 2017-09-21 22:56:23
Chana dal- palak
This is one of the most nutritious food thats easy to make. For this we need soaked chana dal or chickpeas and palak or let us begin..
Firstly, heat 4tbsp of oil in a pan add thinly sliced onions n saute them till they turn brown.then add ginger garlic paste stir till u get the aroma.
Add turmeric powder,salt,red chilli powder and close the stove.
Then add the soaked chana dal give it a stir n on the flame.add little bit of water and simmer to 5 min.
When the dal gets tender add washed spinach n give all these a good stir.
Cook for 15min till spinach gets tender.
Add dhanya n green chillies slit at the end.
And VOILA! A super tasty dish is ready!! :)
TiP :
1. Add little amount of salt cz spinach is high in contains salt.
2. Dont add too much of water as spinach has water in it too.


Writer : Tuba Ansari