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Day 1 of the new begining

DATE : 2017-09-19 07:08:07
Start from scratch....I love that saying and today was just that...I barelly got any sleep because i was scared anxious and excited all at the same time!
So I wake up having about 3 hours sleep and set off to Uni I get caught up in the madness of rush hour traffic, trying to find a car park spot and find my 1st class...all fun its just an adventure.
I sat on my own in the class which is fine with me afterall im there to study hard and making friends is just an optional bonus. So I was in the introduction for a couple of hours then had a few hours to exore before my last lecture at 2 which was good to be fair.
I finished at 4 and drove to work to start at hal4 where i will work till 2am....yes my life is that hectic and brutal!!!
But you gotta fight the good fight and battle your way through when others dont. Its only 1 week of intense introduction before reality kicks in with the real classes next week. I cant wait.....I cant wait to pretend to be somebody who im not someone who isnt me.....that might sound weird but I suck and only let people down. Maybe now I can find myself and surprise some people and even myself....that would be nice anyway :)
Im sat on my own in the works cafeteria on lunch break. Sometimes nobody else been here is just perfect! :)
Anyway I will post again when I have time maybe towards the end of the week then I can sum things up. Oh and me and that girl.....she will always be beautiful but she will never be mine and she will never let me show her love but at the end of the day thats her choice and not mine i guess. I just got to accept that


Life so far

Writer : Ghost

Well here I am. The start of it all. I hope I can entertain some of you out there. Maybe you can guess who I am talking about or what is going on but for now I just need to talk