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Hello Mr.Sunshine

DATE : 2017-09-21 21:12:36
Hello Mr.Sunshine
After moving away when I was 15 to stay at my grandparents i met this boy. Let's call him mr.sunshine. We began talking online and soon it became talking everyday on Skype or telephone. In the beginning I was still healing from some current wounds but when I felt like that storm wouldn't go away, here came Mr.sunshine brightening my day. We talked and talked for hours. How we kept a constant conversation I don't know really but, we did. The only thing lacking in this love story was that mr.sunshine was 800 miles away. It seemed like a constant summer when talking to him. Warm, soothing and relaxing. Even though he was miles away knowing he was On the other side of that web cam made me feel not alone. Even though he wasn't physically I felt as if I could still feel his warmth on my skin. Four months later mr.sunshine desided to ask me out. My broken heart finally felt at ease. He was my first love and to be honest I couldn't be happier with my choice. We planned for me to fly over for his graduation. This is where mr.Sunshine and Ms.Moon would finally meet. Be under the same skies, same times.

Beyond Blue

Writer : Anonymous

I'm making this blog to vent my deepest feelings and my struggles with depression.