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How it all Started

DATE : 2017-10-09 14:09:47
3 months ago I gave birth to a healthy baby at home. Yes, at home with no medication! One of my best friends was my midwife. It was a beautiful experience!
We were in our spacious 3 bedroom 2 bathroom house in Arkansas. Life was great, even though we were living paycheck to paycheck. We were enjoying life, because all of my family and friends were there; that is where I grew up.
My husband, Wayne, was trying to do better for us and was looking for a better job. A few days after I our son was born, Wayne got an interview for a job he had been wanting for a long time.
He was offered the job on a Thursday and was supposed to begin on the next Monday. He had to let his current boss know that he was quitting because of a better opportunity. His boss understood and they completed his paperwork for leaving the company.
The next day the man that offered him the new job called and told Wayne he was no longer giving him the job. In a panic Wayne called his former boss and explained the situation but could not rehire him because the paperwork was already accepted by corporate.
This was a week after I had given birth. This horrible news sent our world into a tailspin. It threw me into post-partum depression. We were living in a very small town there wasn't much wise. We had no idea what to do.
My parents offered for us to live at there house with them until Wayne got a job. But, by this time, Wayne and I were ready to leave the small town he had been trying for 2 years to get a better job there.
Thankfully, Wayne's family lives in a Big City in Mississippi. They explained how they were given an old RV and it was small but we could come live in it until we could do better.
My family and friends understandably didn't want us to leave. They were constantly trying to come up with ways we could stay, but Wayne just wanted to leave to come be with his parents.
We boxed up all of our belongings...beautiful new nursery included. We divided everything into 3 groups: yard sale, storage, and rv.
We sold the stuff we could live without including most of our furniture. We put stuff we couldn't live without in storage and only brought necessities with us. We did bring several of the kids toys so they wouldn't be too bored.
It was so rough moving from my small, comfortable hometown to a big city where my in-laws were. They a are the only people I know here. And my Husband still hasn't gotten a job and so we are relying on them for everything.
I thankfully am not having much problems with my post- Partum depression anymore or all of this would be unbearable.
How is a depressed mom of 3 supposed to keep on a brave face with all of this going on?!

My life Lately

Writer : Rvmomof3

I am a housewife with 3 kids...sound normal? Guess again! We are currently living in a 20 foot RV with no pop-outs! Most of my days are rough and I need a way of coping with my anxiety without bothering those around me. I have decided to give blogging a try.