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Getting to know myself again

DATE : 2018-03-03 14:42:55
I am almost 50. I lived liv3 with purpose, along 5he way I forgot the whys. I am not sure if that matters anymore, I fought for things that didn't come to fruit and for it gets that became real but I pr9bqbly won't have to fight so hard to get but I did anyway. Now I want to make a bucket lis5. For that I have to remember who I was, that child that was fearless , spooked and love. By a frw, by my father, my brotherd, sisters and kids. The one who didn't look back as a rteenager. The one who almost died dreaming of the US from a hill across. Thruth is I don't want to be her, I just want to how she came to b3 me.

Now what?

Writer : Shadownot

When life is a to do list as they are getting done then I ask, what now?