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Sunday gone

DATE : 2018-03-05 12:30:22
So I started to write BS and really? I live in wonderful AZ, I had a 78 degree weekend, and no I was not out hiking or exerculising. I was out at 7 am on Saturday for free cover at a casino near by. Then met with a friend to go get some free vegetables. Yeah, is a shame to say but in the USA we got so much more that we even take extra. I was grateful and had fun, I took one box groceries. I however couldn't help but to notice some people taken extra boxes, and I wonder why? Why does the system get abused? Those who probably really need it don't have the means to drive and get free food. My friend might not be the best "human" person but she is a good friend. I was surprised by her comment," if you don't play the system some one else will and people that don't is their failr", left me without words. But to be honest, she bought breakfast, the best street tacos that I tasted for awhile! Birria and barbacoa with homemade tortillas. What else I did? Hmm I was home then in the evening went out with some friends and watch people getting on a long line to get into a dance, no I didn't bother to get in line. I had sandals, jeans and no make up, I was not fit lol

And Sunday, I did water my pecan tree and wash s9me dishes. No is not that boring, I actually had a solo Sunday. And I realized how important is milk when no one wants to pitch in for pizza. I am with little money and my kids, neither one wanted to pay for a 6 dollar pizza, really? I ended up toasting q bagel with cream cheese . a blueberry bagel, not the best from Wal-Mart. Anyway, til have no milk, I didn't drink coffee with my bagel bevaus4 no cream or milk. And I would have like a nice glass of milk for sure. Did I mention I grabbed a cherry pie and muffins from the free groceries? Worst pie and muffins I ever tasted. I feel bad for anyone who really depends on free food. What can we do to give better food?

Now what?

Writer : Shadownot

When life is a to do list as they are getting done then I ask, what now?