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The beginning

DATE : 2016-10-18 08:52:59
So to make you understand how this works. I am a 37 year old women. I have an incredible wife and five amazing children. I grew up with my mom and dad and two brothers. I was an active child and teenage. Pretty much the average childhood.

I have a secret!!! Since I was about 5 or 6 there was something different about me. I know alot of kids have imaginary friends, animals and other things, but mine were different. I didn't just have imaginary friends, I had an imaginary life.

So when I was young I really didn't think much of it. As I became a teenager and it didn't go away even though I knew it should be going away but still not to worried. As I became a young adult I started to get worried. I didn't tell anyone, absolutely nobody. I meet my wife in 2011 and in 2012 I finally told my wife after all those years I was on my own with this secret. I then told other important people in my life. I went to see my family doctor and told him about it. He referred me to a psychotherapist.

So as we went through all the things that were mentally wrong with me. We started to investigate my psychosis (Seeing and hearing things). He told me because what I was seeing and hearing was positive, happy and helped me solve problems, that I didn't have to worry about it. He said it was my coping mechanism. So I feel better about the whole situation kinda. I am not as afraid of it. I realize that my brain is trying to help me get through things a little easier. So I will start from the oldest memory I have of my little world. I will describe what it looks like to me the best that I can. I hope you like what I have to say. If not oh well. Thanks for reading about crazy old me.

Princess Melanie Veon

Writer : Anonymous

Life in a world that no one else can see.