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Part 1:

DATE : 2017-06-25 08:38:38
So everything was silent, as my body shudders just by thinking about it. As I lie there unable to breath unable to move. I was absolutely petrified, I didn't know what to do. As I could feel everything, I could feel his breath down my neck. I could free his finger tips running through my hair and down my lifeless like body.
As I begged for him to stop in and out of consciousness. At a few point I thought I was about to die as he tightly squeezed my throat so I couldn't breathe while he hit me profusely across my face with his free hand. He finally let go out my throat I could gasp for air quick enough. I just stayed quite I didn't want to be hit anymore. As he pushed his erect penis inside me as deep and as rough as he possibly could. I could feel the pain, it was like fire I also thought I was bleeding from the rough penetration......;

How everything can change in one moment

Writer : Anonymous

This is just a little story/blog about how harsh life can be. I just want to apologize if it defends anyone. I hope some people enjoy though.