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WHY is it so hard?

DATE : 2017-08-15 03:13:51
I don't really know what to say except that I know there are so many things on my mind that need to come out. I wish I could put things as eloquently as I feel they should be, but things are a fucking madhouse right now and there is no room to perfectly sort out my thoughts.

I'm very scared right now. Very scared and angry and disgusted.

I don't understand my fellow humans - I especially don't understand my fellow white humans at this time.

I don't understand how we all went to school and year after year the events of the Holocaust and Nazi Germany were drilled into our heads. We were made to learn and look at the horror and sufferings of FELLOW HUMANS. And STILL, to this day, in 20fucking17 there are those who believe it is okay--Not even just okay, but RIGHT and JUST-- to parade around causing Mayhem holding fucking Nazi Flags. What in the fuck is wrong with you people?!

And how the fuck is it that in school we ALSO all sat through learning ALL about slavery and the struggles and hardships of all these people that white people basically stole from their own lands to bring to a land they ALSO STOLE from Natives to be made to live for and serve them... and we learned all about their struggle for the rights they so deserved and all the gut wrenching things that happened along the way AND FUCKING STILL we have people who don't believe they deserve to be treated equally. STILL we have people who think that the color of someone's skin makes them better or worse than others.

AGAIN. What the fuck is wrong with you people?! Do you honestly not see that we are the same?! We are ONE FUCKING SPECIES on a planet of many. Regardless of skin color. When we die, that skin rots away... and GUESS WHAT. Our skeletons all look the fucking same. WE ARE THE SAME.

WHY is that so hard for so many to grasp? I don't get it.

Fucking same thing with women. We sat in school and we learned about the Women's Suffrage movement. We learned what all these brave women did. We learned that women deserve rights, just as much as any fucking man. AND STILL many men (and women!) think that men are above women. That they are better. Smarter. Deserving of more. FUCKING STOP.

Sadly, I am not surprised, although I am disappointed, at the reserved manner in which the fucking President of the United States- the man who is SUPPOSED to represent us ALL (NOT one fucking insane group of prejudiced fucks) addressed recent events. Especially considering that in almost all other cases he can HARDLY be described as reserved.
"He tells it like it is!" -- Wasn't that something Trump supporters just gushed over about him? Where the fuck is he now? Cowering. Afraid to piss off the Nazi white supremacist fuckheads that put him in his seat and that he has surrounded himself with in his position. Those that he fucking preached to.

BY the people FOR the people, my ass. He is only FOR the people who share his skin color, genitalia, and wealth.

These problems exis

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