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DATE : 2017-09-21 13:07:02
I was too little when my father went to the other country .my mother struggled so much.she never showed her sadness and tiredness. She always says that we should study hard and we should stand on our own legs. We should do things with ourselves.

When I was in grade 2 I used to cry for school that I don't want to go to school and when I go to school in it I used to sleep whole day.

Once I remember, when my father was coming home for some day. Went to the airport to receive them. Everyone was looking for him that when he will come out . I saw my father and ran to him and met him first. My father saw me and say who are you? My father was shocked because I suddenly hug him and ran to him. When we were on our way to home we talk about our gifts . And I was so curious about gifts.

When we reached home safely after sometime my father happily said to my mom that the moment when I hug him he said " Who are you? And from where you are? Of Whom you daughter ? And where are my parents? "

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