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I hope...

DATE : 2017-10-25 01:13:36
I hope...
There is glimpses of hope in everyday when we wake up with positive thoughts in our mind to achieve something bigger than we work for. That's what keeps us breathing and makes us human.

People tear us down with simple words and ignorant gestures, maybe we hope too much enough to be broken by overthinking the simplest details, burning holes in our hearts.

What if we give up on hope? Would we really be us? While stereotypical relationships that are deemed to be healthy and happy are just void and silent, while someone pays no attention to the one trying so hard with everything, pretending to keep it alive. Hope really keeps us going.

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Writer : Anonymous

An introvert with zero socializing skills who loves to write. I believe real feelings can be shared better if it's anonymous and we all do relate with so much of it.