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Mending the pieces of a broken heart....

DATE : 2017-10-25 19:46:59
Mending the pieces of a broken heart....
In this world, we have many special things, places, dreams etc. But amongst all of these the most important is a special person in our life.... That special person who makes our world even more beautiful and wonderful. Apart from this, we all have some amazing stories... Some end up happily... Some end up tragically... Some end up in suspense while some never ending stories do exist. Love is our very nature but we choose someone special who we think is worth all our love, care and most importantly time. The question is do they really deserve it? Often, decisions taken too much emotionally leads to devastating results. What happens when suddenly something breaks and you realize it was your heart? Instead of realizing that the diamond (heart) was in the hands of thief not the owner we tend to blame them or ourselfs. Thankfully, the truth lies nowhere between blaming yourself and others but in learning a lesson. Everyone comes to your life with willingness or wish of the almighty god either they are a blessing or a lesson... time is authorized to take decision. It didn't worked once doesn't means it will never work... If there was a hole in one boat doesn't means all the other boats in this world are having a hole. If you are hurt, cheated and played once or even twice and more doesn't means everyone is the same or you are wrong. It was other person's problem because they are responsible for their behaviour and acts which may be they were earlier not aware about and you have nothing to do with this. Take a step move on and see this world is so big and beautiful. Many people who are clean hearted like a crystal and loving like a parent do exist. Do not search for perfection. Have the world's best relation with yourself. Lastly, i would say " DON'T TRY TO FIND LOVE BECAUSE LOVE WILL FIND YOU ONE DAY BY IT'S OWN ". Don't make any effort to love because you are the love you were always searching for... Love yourself. Love is your very nature and remember never make it a bussiness because where there is logic no magic happens. Let the karma take its own revenge and trust the divinity in yourself.

I hope i was able to make you smile and just spread this smile more... Share this message of happiness with everyone!




Life is about being happy, content and seek the truth. Turn your discipline into " blissipline" and celebrate life. We do not have time to discuss sorrow and misery. Live life to the fullest <3